Sunday, September 14, 2008

IGNOU DCE Diploma in Creative Writing in English

The main objective of Diploma in Creative Writing in English is to provide an understanding, skill and professional knowledge about the art of writing; to help develop the creative ability of those interested in taking up careers as professional or freelance writers.

10+2 or has completed 20 years on January 1st of the year of enrollment.

English medium only.

Programme Structure:
Two compulsory courses and three electives out of the four offered. Course 6 (compulsory) is a Project.

Compulsory Courses
Course Code - Course Title - Credits
DCE – 01 General Principles of Writing 4
DCE – 06 Project 4

DCE-6 A guided writing project: Each student is required to write a report on
a subject of his/her choice. The project may be in any area of creative writing, such as fiction (a novella or a set of short stories), verse (a set of poems), or a set of feature articles, etc.
Course Code Course Title Credits
DCE – 02 Feature Writing 4
DCE – 03 Short Story 4
DCE – 04 Writing for Media: Radio and Television 4
DCE – 05 Writing Poetry 4

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