Sunday, September 14, 2008

IGNOU DCH Diploma in Creative Writing in Hindi

The objective of the Diploma in Creative Writing in Hindi is to provide guidance to those who are interested in taking up careers as professional or freelance writers. It aims to provide understanding, skill and professional knowledge about the art of writing and to develop the student's creative potential. During the programme students are encouraged to get their writing published.

Eligibility: 10 + 2 (Candidates who have not completed 10 + 2 are required to have a minimum age of 20 years.)

Programme Structure:
This programme comprises six courses and a project, as given below:
Course Code Course Title Credits
DCH – 01 Principles of Creative Writing 4
DCH – 07 Project 4

Each student is required to write a short story, a play, a novella, essays or features approved by his/her Counsellor.

IGNOU DCH Elective Courses (any three)
Course Code Course Title Credits
DCH – 02 Feature Writing 4
DCH – 03 Prose Writing 4
DCH – 04 Writing for Radio 4
DCH – 05 Writing for Various Social Classes 4
DCH – 06 Writing Poetry 4

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