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IGNOU Master’s Degree Programmes 2010

Indira Gandhi National Open University
(A central university under MHRD, established by an act of Indian Parliament)
Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068, Website

Invites applications for Master’s Degree Programmes round the year under walk-in admission for July 2010/January 2011 sessions

Last date for submission of applications at Regional Centres

July 2010 session: 30th April, 2010, with late fee of Rs 200/-: 31st May, 2010

January 2011 session: 31st October, 2010, with late fee of Rs 200/-: 30th November, 2010

Students awaiting results (class X and XII) and those appeared or appearing for degree programmes can also apply (subject to fulfillment of eligibility)

Master Degree programme

1. M.A. English (Name of School – SOH)
2. M.A. Hindi (Name of School – SOH)
3. M.A. Economics (Name of School – SOSS)
4. M.A. History (Name of School – SOSS)
5. M.A. Library and Information Science (Name of School – SOSS)
6. M.A. Political Science (Name of School – SOSS)
7. M.A. Public Administration (Name of School – SOSS)
8. M.A. Sociology (Name of School – SOSS)
9. M.A. Public Policy (Name of School – SOSS)
10. M.A. Education (Name of School – SOE)
11. M.A. Rural Development (Name of School – SOCE)
12. M.A. Tourism Management (Name of School – SOTHSM)
13. M.A. Extension and Development Studies (offered from July – 2010) (Name of School– SOEDS)
14. M.A. Gender and Development Studies (offered from July – 2010) (Name of School – SOGDS)
15. M.A. Social Work (Name of School – SOSW)
16. M.A. Sri Aurobindo Studies (Name of School – SOITS)
17. M.A. Distance Education (Name of School – STRIDE)
18. M.Ed (offered in January session only) (Name of School – SOE)
19. MCA (Name of School – SOCIS)
20. MBA (Name of School – SOMS)
21. MBA (Banking and Finance) (Name of Schooll – SOMS)
22. MBA (Social Entrepreneurship) (Name of School – SOMS)
23. MBA (Corporate Training) (Name of School – CCETC);
24. M.Com (Name of School – SOMS)
25. M.Com Finance and Taxation (Name of School – SOMS)
26. M.Com Business Policy and Corporate Governance (Name of School – SOMS)
27. M.Com Management Accounting and Financial Strategies (Name of School – SOMS)
28. M.Sc Mathematics with Application in Computer Science (offered in January session only) (Name of School – SOS)
29. M.Sc in Counseling and Family Therapy (from July 2010 session) (Name of School – NCDS)
30. M.Sc Dietetics and Food Service Management (Name of School– SOCE)
31. M.Sc Hospitality Administration (Name of School – SOTHMS)
32. MIPL Masters in Intellectual Property Law (online) (Name of School – SOL)

Master Degree Programmes (full time and on-campus)

1. M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication (offered in July session only) (Name of School – SOJNMS)
2. Electronic Media Production and Management (offered in July session only) (Name of School – SOJNMS)
3. Gandhi and Peace Studies (offered in July session only) (Name of School – SOITS)
4. Labour and Development (offered in July session only) (Name of School – SOITS)
5. Translation Studies (offered in July session only) (Name of School – SOTST)
6. Social Anthropology (offered in July session only) (Name of School – SOITS)
7. Performing Arts – Dance (Bharatnatyam) (Name of School – SOPVA)
8. Performing Arts – Hindustani Vocal Music (Name of School – SOPVA)
9. Performing Arts – Theatre Arts (Name of School – SOPVA)
10. Fine Arts – Painting (Name of School – SOPVA)
11. Gender and Development Studies (offered in July session only) (Name of School – SOGDS)
12. Women’s and Gender Studies (offered in July session only) (Name of School – SOGDS)
13. Extension and Development Studies (Name of School – SOEDS)
14. Fashion Retail Management (Name of School – SOVET)
15. Master of Social work (Philanthropy) (Name of School – SOSW)
16. M.Sc Chemistry (offered in July session only) (Name of School – SOS)
17. Actuarial Science (offered in July session only) (Name of Schooll – SOVET)
18. Integrated M.Sc-Ph.D in Physics and Astrophysics (through entrance test) (Name of School – SOITS)
19. MBA Aviation Business Management (Name of School – CCETC)
20. Master of Business Administration (Retail) (Name of School – CCETC)

Psychology as one of the disciplines is being introduced in B.A. and M.A. Psychology is being launched from July 2010

The common prospectus can be obtained from the Registrar, SRD, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068 and also from all the regional centres of IGNOU by sending a sum of Rs 150/- through a demand draft drawn in favour of IGNOU payable at New Delhi/the city of concerned Regional centre/or paying Rs 100/- in cash at the respective sale counters. Please write your name and address on the back of the demand draft. An electronic version of the prospectus is also available at IGNOU website at Application forms can also be downloaded from the website and submitted along with demand draft for Rs 100/- in addition to the programme fee. Application forms can also be submitted online through the University website round the year except the programmes which are offered through entrance test

The filled-in forms submitted at concerned Regional Centres beyond the last dates mentioned above shall be entertained for admission in the next session

Details of abbreviation

SOH (School of Humanities), SOSS (School of Social sciences); SOS (School of Sciences), SOE (School of Education), SOCE (School of Continuing Education), SOET (School of Engineering and Technology), SOMS (School of management studies), SOHS (School of Health Sciences), SOCIS (School of Computer and Information Sciences), SOA (School of Agriculture), SOL (School of Law), SOVET (School of Vocational Education and Training), SOGDS (School of Gender and Development Studies), SOTST (School of Translation Studies and Training), SOPVA (School of Performing and visual Arts), SOITS (School of Interdisciplinary and Trans-Disciplinary studies), SOTHSM (School of Tourism and Hospitality Services Sectoral Management), SOJNMS (School of Journalism and New Media Studies), SOFL (School of Foreign Languages), SOEDS (School of Extension and Development studies), SOSW (School of Social Work), STRIDE (Staff Training and Research Institute of Distance Education), CEE (Centre for Extension Education), NCDS (National Centre for Disability Studies), CCETC (Centre for Corporate Education, Training and Consultancy), CSD (Chair for Sustainable Development), EDNERU (Educational Development of North East Region Unit), CPMS (Centre for Para-Medical Science)

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